Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Barbarela Part 1

I needed a break from the samurai, so I decided to start on this little figure from M Proyec.  He's a dwarf pirate at 1/35 scale so only around 45mm.  This is still at the very early stages.  The face hasn't gotten the glazes yet, the coat is shaded but not highlighted (and the bottom isn't even shaded), and the stripes on the pants are just sketched in.  But you get an idea of the colors and where this is headed.  It's a challenging piece.  The face is one of the trickier ones I've tried to paint.  He's got exaggerated features and small eyes that are almost completely hidden by the protruding brows.


  1. Looks awesome! Were the stripes a breeze after the samurai work?

    1. Ha, something like that. Definitely a lot simpler than what I've been doing on the samurai! Stripes are still tough as you want to keep the spacing and thickness consistent and they've got to go around all those folds. But I'm much more willing to wing it and just start painting with out a lot of prep for something like this