Monday, June 4, 2018

Brom Part 6

After finishing the knight, I turned to another small project to see if I could finish it off too.  Brom, the 1/35 scale dwarf, was meant to be a quick project.  As usual, things got a bit more complicated as I began painting.  Still, he's not nearly as involved as others, so I'm hoping I can get him wrapped up by the end of the month (before we move!).

Since last time, I attached his hands and the club and then started to paint the rest of his arms.  I also took on the back of the character, painting the heavily weathered armor along with some other details.  Here's a quick look at the figure.  I'm hoping another one or two painting sessions and I'll have him mostly complete (aside from some final weathering).

As I'm nearing the end of the figure, I turned my attention back to the base. I had previously built the broken bridge and placed cork to form the rough shape of the ground.  But the build was certainly not finished. I'm trying to keep the base simple so the focus can stay on the figure and the broken bridge. So instead of trying to add a sign or some other structure, I just wanted to have a rock and dirt base.  The idea being this was the end of the path up to the bridge.  I'll probably add some grass after painting, but I'll leave the base mostly uncovered.

To finish the build, I placed some larger stones (some from putty and others just actual rocks) and glued them down.  Then I took a modeling compound (it's white powder-like stuff that you add water to and then it forms a paste for modeling) and created the dirt shape on top of the cork.  Into that, I set more of the small stones (and some sand).  When the compound dried it held onto the stones a little, but the bond was not strong enough.  So I took some thin super glue and dropped a bit on top of the rocks.  This soaked into the base and formed a nice strong bond.  I used some white glue and added some more sand over top for texture.  Again, the bond was not that strong, so I used more of that thin super glue to really lock the sand in place.  After that, I primed and began to paint the base.  I've got the basic dirt color and am starting on the rocks, bridge, and rope.