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First and foremost, thank you for your interest in my work.  If you've been following this blog, you know that I put a great deal of time, thought, and love into each and every one of my projects.  I'm honored that you might be interested in owning one of my creations.  Below you will find a number of completed figures that are available for sale.  However, before we get to that, I want to cover a few basic things...

Pricing and Payment
Each figure is painstakingly hand-painted by myself.  I spend weeks and often months on each project.  The cost represents the time used for planning, preparing, and painting each piece, the cost of the materials (kit, base, paints, etc), and the complexity of the project.  These are all display and competition level pieces and that is reflected in the prices.  The preferred method of payment is through Paypal and I am open to breaking the cost up into several payments.

I will carefully pack and ship the figure to you.  Unless otherwise stated, the cost of the packing materials is included in the price of the figure but the postage is not.  That will be calculated and added at cost to the final price of the figure.  Because these works are fragile, the shipment will be insured to cover the cost of the figure.  Though I will do my best to prevent it, small pieces may come off during transport from time to time.  However there should be easy to fix.  In the unlikely case of significant damage, contact the postal service (as each package is insured).  Additional import taxes or fees are not included in the price.  I am happy to work with you so as to minimize any taxes/fees, but the full value of the figure must be declared for insurance purposes.

For additional information or to purchase any of these pieces, please send me a message through the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Figures for Sale

White Speaker

Figure from KD, 54mm scale (not 28mm version)
Price: $350

Thraex Gladiator
Figure from Pegaso Models, 54mm scale
Price: $300

Officer of the Navy Guard

Figure from Romeo Models, 54mm scale
Price: $400

Polish Lancer

Figure from Pegaso Models, 54mm scale
Price: $750

Figure from Andrea, 54mm scale
Price: $500

Officer of the Guide - SOLD
Figure from Pegaso Models, 75mm scale

Work in Progress
There are a several figures I have not completed but, if there is interest, would be happy to complete and sell.  The images below show the current progress.  Prices are approximate as the pieces are not completed.

Figure from Enigma Miniatures, 54mm scale
Approximate price: $450

Figure from Olivier Bouchet, 54mm scale
Approximate price: $450

Dark Eldar Scourge

Figure from Games Workshop, 28mm scale
Approximate price: $200

30k Sons of Horus Praetor
Figure from Forge World, 28mm scale
Approximate price: $200

Other Figures
If you have seen a figure on this blog that you are interested in purchasing but do not see it in this list, you are welcome to contact me about it.  Not all of my figures are for sale and others have already been sold.  If the piece is unsold, I may change my mind or contact you first when I am willing to part with it.

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