Friday, April 14, 2017

Empress' Dragoons Officer Part 7

And the piece is finally finished!

Since my last post, I worked to finish off the column.  I focused on the front side first before turning to the back.

 The rear was done just like the front, working on 4 or 5 stones at a time.  It was a relief to finally be done with all of them!!!  After that I laid down some basic dirt brown shades for the ground.  I tried to keep it light.  I wanted it to look like dry earth, not dark mud.

I also took care of the sign on the front of the column.  I applied a few subtle shades of dark grey to the gate to give it a little variation (though nothing major).  Then I added a bit of grass and some dead leaves to break up the ground work.  A few pigments here and there on the ground and base of the column, and the scene was complete!

The final step was the add the sword and scabbard for the dragoon.  The scabbard was painted in black, like the boots, and metallics for the fittings.  The cloth bit wrapped around the handle was done just like the yellow-gold details on the uniform.

Here's how the final result looked.  All in all, a fun project and one I'm happy with.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SCAHMS Show 2017

This past weekend was the SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society) show.  It's an annual event in Los Angeles put on by our local figure modeling group.  I hope to write up a report on the show, but in the meantime here are a number of pictures I took at the show...


Yup, my stuff was there too.  The only piece I had in the competition was the Dragoon (on the left). But I gave a presentation in the morning on painting historical figures in acrylic, so I brought along the other figures for the talk.  Once I was done, I included them in my display, though they were for display only and not judged as part of the show.  The figures are a bit underexposed against that white background, so not the best picture.  But since I already have nice close ups of each, I didn't spend much time trying to get nice shots of my own work at the show.

During the award ceremony I was surprised and honored to be given this year SCAHMS Masters Award.  This is something they present to one person each year recognizing your body of work, not just your entries at this years show.