Monday, November 23, 2015

Samurai Part 7

Just a quick update.  I went in and finished off the orange.  I'm not sure if I shared the mix before, but the orange is Burgundy Wine, Bronzed Shadow, Burnt Orange, and Linen White.  You can see the difference those further highlights make.  Here's a comparison between just the initial highlights and the figure with the final ones...

Aside from the orange I also painted his glove and the purple cord around his wrist.

In other news, Adepticon registration opened up tonight.  The classes filled up pretty quick, all the spots are gone for one of my faces classes and, last I checked, the second section only had two spots left.  I signed up to take a few classes too.  I'm taking Ben's loaded brush course, Kirill's blending with oils, and Angel's airbrushing masterclass.  There are a ton of great classes, I wish I could take them all!

1 comment:

  1. Seemless work, Infact awe inspiring, but there is one thing to me, is the chin strap too bright ?
    I'm looking across the figure and admittedly it could be the photo but it seems a little 'neon' in comparison to the rest of the cloth.
    It may be fine once the helmet is done but maybe one to bear in mind.