Sunday, November 8, 2015

Samurai Part 5

Well, the last week wasn't great for painting.  I spent the previous weekend up in San Jose and then all last week I was traveling for work.  At least this weekend was free (well aside from taking care of household chores), so I was able to find a few hours to sit down and do some painting.  My focus is still the design on his arm... but I think it's finally starting to come together for me.  I did the main lines in the same orange as his shirt.  I then put in the white diamonds where the lines meet.  I think this provided a nice balance to the larger white circles.  Finally I started to do some design work within the circles.  There will be two designs in the end, alternating from circle to circle (so the blank ones will eventually have something in them).  I'm going to continue to the develop the design as I go.  I've got some ideas for what's next, but I'll keep experimenting to see what works for me.

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