Thursday, October 29, 2015

Samurai Part 4

I've touched up a few places on the samurai, taking the rest of the purple up to the brighter highlights.  Aside from that, my focus has been the pattern on the sleeve.  I finished the white circles and started working on the lines.  Here's where I hit a bit of a block.  I started on the back of the sleeve and made them a bit thicker.  I went thinner on the front and made some slight changes to the color mix.  I like the thinner lines better... but I'm still not sure I'm completely happy with it.  What do you all think?  What about trying a different color?  Something darker like the black on his chest design?  I considered purple, but it's already used for small edging details and I'm not sure it would be good to use here too.  Keep in mind I plan to add even more lines.  Plus there will be designs inside the circles.

And this was my inspiration for the design and why I initially thought to go with a yellow shade.  It's more of a metallic yellow here, but I'd rather avoid metallics for the cloth on the figure


  1. David, do you use any additives for your free-hand, e.g. flow enhancer?

    1. Wait, you're not accusing me of using performance enhancing paints, are you?

      Nah, it's just regular acrylic and water. Usually for the first pass I'll add more water since that's where I'm sketching in the design. You can see that on the front of the arm as most of the orange lines are still in that early state. When I go back in for the final version of the design, I use less water. It depends on what I'm doing (like how much shading I want to do or how sure I am of the design), but there are times where I'll have the paint thick enough for complete coverage in one layer and times when I'll thin it to apply several layers. But in general the design paint is not thinned as much as the background colors