Thursday, December 10, 2015

Barbarela Part 3

I've made some moderate progress on the dwarf.  I finished off the pants.  They still needed some shading on the blue sections and more highlighting all around.  For the blue I used Reaper's Heather Blue as the base, Midnight Blue to shade, and Ashen Blue and then a bit of Vampiric Shadow to highlight.

After that I worked on some details.  I took care of his peg leg, his pistol and belt buckle.  I also painted his left hand.  An errant brush stroke left some skin tone on his coat.  But, it gave me the chance to fix a few other issues in the coat that had been bothering me.  There was a line in the front (lower left) that didn't sit right with me, so I worked that out.  There were also some shadows on his left arm I felt were too dark, so I lightened them up a bit too.

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