Thursday, April 2, 2015

Announcements and Paint-Along

I've got a couple quick announcements, including a new paint-along I'm organizing.

First, I'm looking to take on some commission work in the next month or two.  If anyone is interested, drop me a line either at CMON or here (there's a contact form over on the right).  My focus is 54mm and 75mm figures, though I'll paint 28mm too if I feel like I can do the figure justice.  I don't normally agree to do that many commission pieces, so if you're interested now is a good time to ask!

Second, I've been talking with Caleb about teaching a painting seminar up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The topic would be painting faces and skin tones.  Right now it's still in the very very early planning stages.  If it happens it will most likely be at one of the Game Kastle stores (either Fremont or San Jose).  There are also some shows coming up, so maybe I could do the seminar at one of those.  I'll post more details once we get things figured out.

Third, I'm doing another paint-along over at Cool Mini.  Here's a link to the thread.  The topic is steampunk and a number of us will be working on the Jessica Thunderhawk figure from Scale75 (although you can join in with any steampunk themed project you want to do).  The general idea is for this to run through April and May.  I won't have a chance to start for another two weeks, so plenty of time to get a figure and join in.

Here's a look at the Jessica Thunderhawk figure, in case you'd like to do the same one I'm working on.  If you're ordering from the USA, I recommend contacting Red Lancers.  She's not listed on their site yet, but they carry the rest of the Scale75 line and I'm sure could get her if asked.  Or you can order direct from Scale75.  Of course there are lots of steampunk options (Infamy, Guild of Harmony, Malifaux, etc).
The sculpt is clearly based on this piece of art from Olga Starodubtseva, which is a version of the comic book character Lady Mechanika.  I plan to use that character as the inspiration for my paint scheme, though I won't necessarily be following the colors from this image.


  1. God, between these guys and nuts planet i am going to go broke and die in an avalanche of unpainted resin o_O

  2. You can get her direct in the USA too at

    Scale75 has a warehouse in El Paso TX, and they are wanting to fill US stores with their products, so if you have a local hobby shop or game store have them contact

    We will also be doing the Convention tour.. next one for us is GENCON!

    Oh and ZAB Jessica is all white metal, not resin.So when you die you know what you are covered with... lol