Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dwarf Wrecker Part 2

So, just because I spent the weekend at Adepticon doesn't mean I didn't get any painting done!  I took a few seminars and one of them, Rhonda Bender's Glazing seminar, asked us to bring along some nearly completed figures to work on during class.  Glazing tends to be one of the later steps, so it was more helpful to work to use an existing work in progress than to start on a new figure.  One of the projects I brought along was the dwarf wrecker I was working on a few months back.  In addition to the class, there were painting tables and lights setup for general use at Adepticon so I spent a little time painting along side of BloodASmedium, Sionid, and some other CMON friends.

I spent a bit of time working on the metals for the flame thrower.  I'd done the steel on the shaft, but the brass fittings and tip needed to be painted.  After that (and during the glazing class), I used several layers of purple glaze followed by some layers of black glaze to create the burned metal look on the top.  I also used some purple glazes to deepen some of the shadows on his clothing and add a little more color and interest.


  1. Great looking dwarf, glazes ay. I had a real eureka moment working on the shoulder edges of a space marine with glazes. Great finer details on the flame thrower.

  2. Geez, you and BAM just can't rest can you? Sionid is busy basking in her success and you are all paint paint paint. Fantastic work - actually as I recall those rackham minis kind of paint themselves. Hmm... maybe you are resting...