Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Knight of the Holy Sepulchre part IX

While I was taking pictures of the Saxon, I thought I'd snap a few of the knight too.  This one got some weathering.  I did a little bit of pigments mixed with matte medium, but not too much as he is in more of an arid climate.  Just a little mud caked on his feet, the horses hooves, and a bit on the shield.  Then it was dry pigments and a lot more of them.  This went on the shield, back of the cape, the lower part of his clothing, the horses legs, and plenty on the base.  I also put some blood on his shield and a few drops on his clothing.  I didn't want to go overboard with the weathering, lots of mud and blood didn't seem right for this figure.  But he needed some dust and dirt to help ground him in reality.

I still need to add some vegetation to the base.  I ordered some sea-weed grass from El Viejo Dragon (through Red Lancers) that I'd like to use instead of the field grass I already have.  That should arrive later this week and then I can put the finishing touches on this one.  While I was ordering from Red Lancer, I took the opportunity to pick up a 70mm Celt from Art Girona, which will be a fun project once I'm done with Crystal Brush.

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  1. Damn you. You and the horse you rode in on. That is such a beautiful piece :)