Sunday, April 19, 2015

Arena Rex and MV

I've found some time to do a little painting this past week and it was focused on my entry to Massive Voodoo's Banalicious contest.  For anyone who doesn't follow Massive Voodoo (and you should, their site is great!), they're running a contest which wraps up April 22nd.  They have categories for Fantasy and Historical entries, along with a few other special categories.  In Fantasy and Historical you enter a display (3-5 figures) instead of a single figure entry.  The rules are that one of the figures is new (ie has not been shown in completed form online yet).  Previously posted WIP pictures of the figure are fine.  As for the rest of the figures in the group, there is no restriction so they can be previously finished and posted work.

The competition is tough, lots of great entries, but they have a ton of random prizes.  At last count there were 45 random prizes so, if the number of entries is the same as their last contest, you've got a 1 in 4 shot of winning something just by entering!  There's only a few days left so finished whatever you're working on and submit something!

On second thought, the more entries there are the worse my chances of winning one of those random prizes... so forget what I said, don't enter.  It's totally not worth it. =P

Anyway, my entry into the Historical Masters category has been officially accepted, so I can now share the pictures.  Here is my display

The 'new' piece is Otho Mentulus from Arena Rex.  I'd started painting him a while back, but never finished him.  Partially that was because Crystal Brush took priority.  But it was also so I could use him in the Bananalicious contest.  Since I last posted pictures, I painted the feather crest on his helmet, took care of the base, and then applied blood splatter and a little bit of weathering pigments.  I also tweaked some highlights on his clothing.  Here is a closer look at the now finished Otho.

This figure was from the Arena Rex kickstarter.  They are currently shipping the final wave from the kickstarter and, after that, all of the kickstarter figures will be available in their webstore.  They've got a few non-kickstarter figures there now, but check back in a couple weeks and hopefully the rest will be there then.

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  1. Mawhahaha I have mine in already too, all the best Bailey.