Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP - Officer of the Guide Part 2

This project is moving pretty quickly.  I touched up a few mistakes and then started on the gold lace details.  I tried to get a semi-metallic look by mixing the metallic colors with regular matte shades: Necro Gold with Imperial Purple, Dwarven Gold with Chestnut Gold, and Citrine Alchemy with Buckskin Pale.  I used a roughly 1 to 1 ratio for each, however in retrospect I should have used less matte paint.  The Scale75 metallics are a bit thin to begin with so the matte colors mixed in had an even stronger effect.  I'm too far on this one, but next time I'll try something closer to a 3 to 1 mix of metallic to matte.

I used a lot of directional strokes on the lace to create a textured look along the belts, the epaulette, and sword knot.  I still need to add the final couple layers of highlights to the legs but that won't be until he's firmly mounted to the base and I can paint the rest of the pants.  I just needed to do enough of the legs so I could attach his sword hand.

As I mentioned in my last post this figure is 75mm scale, so a bit bigger than the 54's I usually work on.

Edit - Here's a close up image showing the lace detail.  It's a section from the digital photo that's just been cropped but not resized, so it's about as close up as I can get.  You can also see the uniform color reflected on the sword.  I tried to keep it subtle so it's hard to notice in the zoomed out images.


  1. That's looking pretty stunning.

    It's hard to tell without seeing some close-ups, but it looks like you're complementing the gold braid with some black-lining (or at least some dark-lining). Whatever is going on there, I think it's an equal contributor for achieving the effect. Everything going on with the piece is very eye-catching, from the details to the whole figure.

    1. Thanks! I base coated the gold details with a black-brown and then a dark gold (Necro Gold + Imperial Purple), so some of that still shows in the gaps and seams for a black-lining effect. I was going to add a close up photo to this reply but I don't see how. So instead I'll edit the main post to include one.