Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orc Pirates Kickstarter

Taking a break from posting my own work, I wanted to share a kickstarter project that I think looks really interesting.  Black Sailors is a range of orc pirate figures that are 54mm scale (though closer to 75mm in size).  The level of detail on this guys is fantastic and each sculpt is really unique with a ton of character.  For those of you familiar with this blog you know that I like working on slightly larger figures (compared to the standard 28mm gaming stuff) so I'm always excited when I can find neat fantasy and sci-fi figures in that scale.  I can tell these will be a blast to paint!  The kickstarter began only a few days ago and is already at almost three times it's original goal.  The project goes until Dec 16 so if you're interested don't wait too long.  As they continue to raise funds they will release more orcs, trolls, and goblins along with sets of optional accessories for each orc.

Below are images of three of the sculpts.  Here is a link to the project.  Check it out to see the other figures, concept art, and painted versions.


  1. Ha, ha, this is definitely where our tastes intersect. I've upgraded my pledge twice already!

    1. I'd like to see more projects like this. So far I've only upgraded once but if they show more sculpts I may have to up it again.