Sunday, November 23, 2014

WIP - Officer of the Guide Part 1

I've been jumping around from project to project a lot.  Painting has been an important stress relief lately so when I've hit a roadblock with one projects it's been easier to just jump to another project so I can keep making progress.  I don't want to spend what limited painting time I have banging my head against the wall.  So it's on to another project.  This is a Napoleonic figure of an Officer of the Guide in Egypt from Pegaso Models.  They were with Napoleon during his campaigns in Egypt and were the precursors to the Chasseur de la Guarde.  This figure is 75mm scale (well, closer to 70mm) and I've been wanted to do some more figures in this size.  I do like painting 54mm scale but when you're looking at them in person they don't have the same display impact that larger figures do.  The 75mm scale is big enough that I think it looks great on display but close enough to 54mm that it won't take too much more time to paint.

I'm using the same approach to the green on the coat as I did on the dragoon.  The dark purple (burgundy wine) is used both to darken the green and as the shadow tone for the reds.  The gold lace details will be a bit tricky.  In the past I've just used matte colors but I've seen other people work in metallic paints, so I thought I'd give that a try this time.  It's going to take a bit of experimentation.  I'll most likely mix in some matte paint as well so the finish isn't too metallic.

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  1. Really liking the colors, dude. Both individually and in combination.