Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Murmillo Gladiator 2

I decided to get back to a project I started two months ago, a 75mm Murmillo Gladiator from Alexandros Models.  The skin is still a work in progress but today I decided to put some time in on the helmet.  I started with Scale75's Necro Gold mixed with Reaper's Imperial Purple.  Then I mixed in some Elven Gold and finally Thrash Metal.  After that I applied a few dark brown and dark purple glazes to reinforce some of the shadows.

Here's a size comparison for my two gladiator projects.  Just a slight difference is scale...


  1. I am still blown away that you get those transitions without an airbrush!

    1. That would definitely make things easier! But I don't have enough fine control with the airbrush to shade the musculature the way I want. So I'm stuck gradually layering in the color variations with periodic broad glazes to help some of the blends.