Thursday, July 27, 2017

Barbarella Part 8

I've continued to work on Barbarella and am very close to wrapping up this figure.  Since my last update I've done the yellow details on the coat and head covering, I've updated the shirt and pants, and I've painting some new details like the boot, belt, and skull on the hat.  The only unpainted part of the figure is the grip on the sword, but I've got a few more small details to update (pistol and peg leg) and I might redo the beard (probably should, but definitely not looking forward to it).

To really see the difference that the revisions have made to this figure, here is a side by side comparison of the piece as it was a year and a half ago and as it is now.  The lighting isn't exactly the same, but it's pretty close (as you can see by comparing the unchanged sections like the face, beard, and pistol).  The increased contrast has made for a much more dynamic figure, volumes look more well defined, and small details are brought out.

(click for a slighter larger image)

Here are a couple other views to give you a better look at the updated version of the piece.

I'm working on a tutorial over at FigureMentors that will go into detail on how I do my textures.  It's been an area I've focused on lately with all the leather work on the dwarf and pirate orc.  Hopefully that will be posted early next week.  In the meantime, I've included some ultra-close ups below.  You can click on the images to get a good look at the surfaces and see how the color and brush strokes went onto it.  There will be more of this and detailed explanations in the tutorial, so be sure to check back for the link!

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