Friday, August 4, 2017

Orc Brave Part 4

Well, I haven't been too diligent posting updates on this project, have I?  There's been quite a bit of work since I last shared him here.  The previous post showed the wire frame for the tree.  Since then I'd sculpted putty over that to complete the tree and also added additional texture to the base with more putty and sand.  I've been painting the base and, though there is still work to be done on the ground, it's getting very close to being finished!

As for the orc, I painted a good deal of his clothing and the other bits hanging off him.  There are still a number of small detail stuff I've got to do (some of the dangling stuff on the bracelets, belt, and necklace, the finger nails, earrings, etc) and also the axe, but he's pretty close to being finished.  I'm hoping to bring him with me to NOVA Open at the end of the month and also to enter him in the 'Eavier Metal painting competition (on their facebook page), which also has an end of the month deadline.  So, I'm going to just focus on him for the next couple weeks.  After that... well, we'll see!

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