Monday, July 3, 2017

Redghar Part 6 and Barbarela Part 7

Well, what started out as two independent pieces has now become a multi-figure scene... so the titling gets a bit confusing!  Over the past week I've done some more work on my pirate crew.  I initially focused on Redghar, trying to finish off the leather sections.  However, to make sure the overall piece looked consistent, I decided to work on the dwarf pirate, Barbarela, too.  Before I go into the details of each, here's how the two currently look as a pair:

Since I was working with leather, the obvious place to focus on the dwarf was his hat.  There was a bit of distressing in the sculpt, but I added to that with a bit of stippling to create more texture and some added cracks painted on as well.  His belt and boot will get a similar treatment, but haven't been finished yet.  In addition to the leather, I redid his red coat to bring it more inline with Redghar.  One problem I had to address when pairing these figures was the difference in contrast level.  The work on the dwarf was done back in December 2015.  Redghar was started almost a year later, at a time when I was more aggressive with my highlight and shadow range.  For the two to fit, I knew I needed to make some adjustments to the existing work on the dwarf.  The rest of his clothing and equipment will get touched up as well to deepen shadows and lighten highlights, where appropriate.  It's not done, but already I feel these two seem to fit together better.

As for the leather hat, here are a couple close ups to show the details and how the texture is done.

As for Redghar, the leather work continued on the same as before.  I did the belt around his waist and then took on the boots.  I might make some small adjustments (the new belt work might be a bit too light in spots), but overall I think it looks pretty much in line with the earlier work and lighting on the piece.

Soon I will need to start building the base.  I plan to do some conversions on the third figure (the monkey), so I will need the base to make sure he is posed correctly.

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