Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Project - FigureMentors

I wanted to let everyone who follows this blog know that I've teamed up with Jason Martin and a number of other modelers to work on a new site called FigureMentors.  The site intends to be a resource for modelers, perhaps focusing on miniature figure painters but there will be content touching on all aspects of modeling (vehicles, garage kits, etc).  There will be tutorials, project walk-throughs, interviews, kit reviews, and more.  I have already written several articles that are up on the site:
1 - A guide to painting unnatural skin
2 - An introduction for modelers who are new to historical figures
3 - An article on OSL
Check them out if you get a chance.  And there is a lot of other great stuff on the site, so take a look around while you're there!

I do want to stress that FigureMentors will not take the place of my personal painting blog (this site).  I will continue to post regular project updates here.  The difference is this site will continue to be more about my personal projects.  You will continue to see what I'm working on at each stage of the project and I will continue to share my thoughts and approach as I go.  The content I provide for FigureMentors will be (hopefully) more polished articles including tutorials and kit reviews.  Hopefully that difference will become clear to everyone as I continue to post here and there.  I will not necessarily be announcing each post I make there, so if you don't want to miss anything I recommend subscribing to that site too.  As for the tutorials I write for FigureMentors, I will also be adding them to the list of tutorials on this site (but the links will take you to the tutorial on FigureMentors instead of that content being reposted here).

Hopefully that all makes sense, but feel free to send me any questions about all this if you have some!


  1. i like the site. I like the tutorials. I will bookmark it now.

  2. I'm happy of your participation to FigureMentors. It's a great site full of good contents and for my concern your articles deserves to be there. Probably it's a good idea to split your posts between the two sites.