Monday, May 30, 2016

Cat Girl Part 1

So after getting the Dragoon ready to paint, a new figure arrived at my front door.  A while ago I had pre-ordered a figure called Hailey Smith: Cat Suit from Wonderlands Project.  She's a limited edition (200 copies) 54mm figure.  I thought this would be a fun project and decided to start painting her first.

So far I've focused on the skin.  My typical process is to do the highlights and shadows and then go back over with glazes for added color variation.  What you see here is just the first part.  The glaze step is done after all of the parts touching the skin have been painted.  In this case, that's most of the rest of the figure.  So the shading on the skin (except for her legs) is more or less complete, but there's still depth and nuance that will be added with the glazes.

It's a nice sculpt to work with, but painting a female figure can be challenging.  I'm trying to have a good range in contrast, but still keep features soft and feminine.  One trick is to not over-emphasize secondary features with the shadows.

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