Sunday, September 13, 2015

Northumbrian Part 6

Made a bit more progress on the Northumbrian figure.  I finished up some detailing on his legs (the straps and shoes.  Then I turned to the shield.  Last time I'd only roughed in the basic colors.  Now I've cleaned up and shaded the alternating blue sections.  I had this whole thing planned out... but now I'm starting to rethink that.  My original idea was to do a white circular design on top of the alternating blue sections.  It would be similar to the one on the tunic, but ending in a pair of serpent or dragon heads (based on the helmet metal work).  However, now I'm starting to worry if the shield will be too busy with that design there.  I'd still like to do something... but I'm not sure what.

So, while I weight my options, I decided to add the final piece to the figure, the horn in his left hand.  This was a piece from my bits box that I thought would be an interesting addition to this scene.  Once I make a decision on the shield, I'll finish that up and then start weathering the figure before finally getting started on the winter base.


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