Monday, September 7, 2015

Northumbrian Part 5

After finishing up his tunic, I turned to his accessories.  I was still undecided on my plan for the shield, so I started with his spears.  I wanted to do a dull brown, so the shadow is a mix of Ritterlich Blue and Brown Liner.  Then the midtone is a mix of Basic Dirt and Dusky Skin to take it into more of a brown grey.  The highlight is that mixed with Vampiric Shadow.  Since they're basically just horizontal cylinders the normal shading isn't that interesting.  So I put in a gradient getting lighter towards the tips for a little more interest.

The hands were next.  As with the face I mixed in a bit of Ritterlich Blue to the Chestnut Brown and Rosy Shadow mix.  Normally I'd go from there up to pure Rosy Shadow and then mix in Fair Skin for the highlight.  In this case, I went to maybe 70/30 Rosy Shadow and Chestnut Brown (+ blue) and then started to mix in Fair Skin.  I wanted to keep the hands a bit paler and not as pink.  I still need to go in with glazes, but these I'll keep to purple and blue.

I approached the pants the same way as the tunic.  I used a lot of the same colors to help tie it all together.  The shadow tones are 50/50 Brown Liner and Ritterlich Blue (which has been used in numerous places).  The midtone is 50/25/25 Basic Dirt, Dark Elf Skin, and Heather Blue.  The highlight is 50/50 Vampiric Skin and Dark Elf Highlight with just a touch of Basic Dirt mixed in.

I did base coat the shield, but nothing beyond that.  I decided to do the alternating sections in light and dark blues (rather than introducing a new color).  On top of that I will do some sort of design too.  The outer section of the shield and the middle will be metal, I've just laid down a dark blue to work over.  Jason Martin has been working on the same figure and posted a nice shield step by step, so I'm planning to refer to that as I go.

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