Thursday, August 13, 2015

Northumbrian Part 3

I spent the past two evenings working on the tunic for the Northumbrian figure.  I opted for a blue fabric to fit the cold theme for the piece.  Normally I'd pair blue with something like a dark burgundy wine to create more interesting shadows.... but that would warm them up more than I want.  So instead I stuck with just a regular dark blue, Reaper's Ritterlich Blue, for the shadows.  The midtone and highlight was a mix of Heather Blue and Dark Elf Highlight (2 parts blue to 1 part dark elf or maybe 3 parts blue to 2 parts dark elf).  I also mixed in a bit of Ghost White for the top highlights.  This was used more on the upper part of the figure than the lower.

You'll notice the armor on his back is very very dark and dull.  The shield will eventually be placed on his back, so all of that area will be in shadow.

If you're wondering what's going on with the dots, they are guide marks for the border pattern I'm creating.  I began with a thin line along the bottom edge.  I then marked the height of the pattern on a stick and used that to place marks so the spacing on the top line will be even.  There's a lot more to the pattern, so it will take some time to finish.  My plan is to use the pattern from the nose guard of the Coppergate helmet (which this figure's helmet is based on) and adapt that to create the pattern for the tunic.  I'll also be using the design work on the helmet as inspiration for the shield design.

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