Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Northumbrian Part 2

I've finished up the armor on the Northumbrian figure.  The detail on the chain mail sculpt is really fine on this figure.  Probably a lot more realistic than the mail we normally see on figures, but it's also a bigger pain to paint.  Basic dry brushing wasn't going to cut it, so there was a lot of going in and adding tiny dots of paint.

Here's a closer look at how I did the helmet (the idea is the same for the armor).  I started with a dark base (Ritterlich Blue for the iron and Burgundy Wine for the bronze) as seen in my previous post.  On top of that I started with a dark metal coat.  I used Scale75's Black Metal and mixed that with Pure Black and Ritterlich Blue.  It was roughly equal parts of Pure Black and Black Metal, then about a third the amount of Ritterlich Blue.  The image on the left shows the helmet with just the dark metallic tone.

From there I started to mix in a lighter metallic tone, Scale75's Heavy Metal.  Bit by bit I worked up to pure Heavy Metal.  I focused on the normal areas you'd hit for zenithal lighting and then hit the edges as well.  I used a little bit of Speed Metal for the top highlights.  I also used a bit of black lining to bring out the borders between the plates of the helmet.  I used the same approach with the yellow metal on the helmet.  The middle image shows it at this state.

The final step was to go in with some blue, purple, and black glazes.  These were used to tint the armor and further develop the shadows.  The effect is subtle but you can see it if you compare the middle and right images.  If needed I may go back in a redo a few of the highlights at this final stage as well.

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