Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sorondil Part 5

Now that is a spear!  But, if you're hunting dragons or dinosaurs I suppose you need a weapon up to the task.  The past two nights I've been working on the spear blade.  Based on the sculpt, I went with a stone look instead of metal.  For the colors instead of pure grey, I used Reaper's Dark Elf Skin triad and then went into the Vampiric Skin triad (mostly just the shadow, but a slight touch of the midtone in a few spots).  They're a bit more interesting than your neutral greys.  Plus I've used the Dark Elf Skin colors in the figure (for the dark scales and mixed into a few shadows) and the Vampiric Skin Highlight has been used for a lot of the top highlights, so it brings some more consistency to the figure.  To further sell the stone look I drew in a few cracks.  These are simple enough, a thin line of Dark Elf Shadow, then a highlight below it (a bit lighter than whatever the original shade was).  After that I can go back with the original color for that area and then those lines until they look like fine cracks.

And a slightly closer look...

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  1. That is an awesome butter knife. Can you imagine how much toast this guys eats? :P Stellar work!