Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sorondil Part 3

I've finished more of the figure.  The sculpt has this patchwork look to it, so I find it tricky to balance introducing those multiple colors while still creating a cohesive look for the figure.  To help I'm using a lot of the same colors in the different mixes.  The purples (Burgundy Wine and Imperial Purple) show up a bunch, either in the mixes or tinting the shadows.  Then the browns (Brown Liner, Muddy Brown, and Tanned Skin) show up and get mixed in with blues, reds, and other colors for the cloth and leather.

In the last update I attached one of the arms, this time it was the quiver.  I attached the main part of the quiver, but waited until the glue had set before messing with the straps.  If I start to push the straps into position too early it could have easily popped the quiver off.  The straps were longer than they needed to be, so I pushed/bent them into position and then cut off the excess length.  You can see the intermediate phase below.  I was also test fitting the arm with the spear to make sure I wasn't going to run into any issues with the quiver positioning.


  1. He's turning out great, the skin is bloody brilliant and I really like that it goes with the general color scheme. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Something about the loin cloth colors are distracting me. I am not sureif it is the whiter triangle at the top or the reddish leather in the middle. The rest is awesome