Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dark Elf Assassin Part 4

I've begun construction on the base for the dark elf.  The scene I have in my head is a building interior, second floor.  The figure is creeping up on some unseen target.  I began by looking up some reference photos and brainstorming some ideas for the scene.  I sketched a couple out on paper until I got something I liked.  From there I drew out the floor design on plasticard and cut it out.  I placed it and the figure on the wood base to see how the size looked.

It's a wood floor, so I pulled out my bag of assorted balsa wood pieces and cut the boards for the floor.  I used the plasticard as a template and glued the boards in place.

Then I started to build up.  I cut the main supporting beams and put in the cross beams.

I continue with more of the details.  I'm putting in the walls on one side of the base, but not the others.  I put in a railing along his right.

The main structure is there but still plenty of detail work left.

This is one of my largest bases and definitely the largest structure I've attempted to create.  I'm enjoying the build and it's a good learning experience.  However, I'm not sure if it's the best base for this figure.  The paint job on this figure is very simple, so is the base too complex?  On the other hand, a complex base helps create more of a story for the scene.  I plan on continuing to build this scene... but I may come up with an alternative as well and see which I like best.

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  1. Nice build, however I think the handrail, fooring and the arch behind him would be enough to give you a sense of setting, the rest feels a bit much. The mini is painted so subtly that peole will want to lean in and look closer, but a giant wall/door will block one full side. Less is more with this one i think :)