Monday, January 5, 2015

Aide-de-Camp WIP 1

While I work on the base for Arthur I've started to paint another figure.  I'm hoping this will be my Crystal Brush entry for large scale (the Officer of the Guide is my backup option).  The figure is a 75mm Captain Aide-de-Camp to Marshal Suchet from Pegaso Models.  It's a great looking kit that I received from as a prize for their monthly contest.  I will be doing a full step by step on this figure and posting it in the tutorial section of this blog.

As always I began with the face.  Here's a closeup look:

From there I took care of his shako.  I'm essentially working my way down the figure.  As a 75mm metal figure he's pretty heavy so I'll often handle the torso to help stabilize the figure while I work on the head.  I've painted on a bit more texture to the strips holding on the cockade and the strip along the bottom of the hat.  I'll be doing a lot more of this sort of thing as I get to the rest of the metallic details on his clothing.

Up next I'm moving on to the torso.  He'll have a dark blue coat, which is a tricky color.  A while back I painted a somewhat similar figure and was quite pleased with how his dark blue coat turned out.  So I'll be using the same mix on this project.

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