Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aide-de-Camp WIP 2

In the past week I've made some progress on the ADC, though not as much as I'd like.  I did some shading/highlighting on the blue and then started working on the red and gold details.  With the stuff around the waist finished I was able to add the other arm.  In the end, most of this arm will be covered by the pelisse slung over his shoulder.  As a result I'm not doing much shading/highlighting except at the hand and wrist, which will be showing.  The rest you can sort of see if you look under the coat, so I want the main colors there but no point doing all the highlighting/shading when it's just going to be hidden.  There's a small gap at the shoulder, but that will be hidden as well so no need to fill it.

I get burnt out quickly working on this gold details.  There's a lot, so I try to take small sections at a time.  On most projects it can help to stop every so often and reevaluate how things are going.  One of the perks of posting photos online is you're forced to stop and look at your work.  I hadn't noticed, but can now see that the gold details on the hat are much tighter than the ones on the jacket (along the borders and at the wrist).  On the jacket the gaps are much bigger and the result looks a bit sloppy.  I will definitely go back in, slim down the dark lines between the gold, and just generally clean things up.  I am really looking forward to finishing the jacket and moving on to the pants.

By the way, I'm working on another step by step tutorial for this figure.  I've posted what I have so far and will continue to update it as I finish the figure: ADC Tutorial

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  1. I see that you make the best of your trophy from Imodeler! Following this with great interest as a wannabee figure painter (or at least the kind of painter who can produce a passable crewman for a 1/35 afv :-) )!

    Best regards