Monday, August 25, 2014

Dragoon WIP 2

Managed to make some more progress on his uniform.  I started out by cleaning up a couple of the shadows on the pants (two of the lines on the right side didn't make sense so I smoothed them out).  From there I wrapped up the dark green and moved onto the yellow sections.  I went with more of a pale yellow, I wanted to avoid anything too vivid and I also liked the contrast it made with the dark green.  After that I began on the white belts/straps.  I tried to get some nice subtle transitions on these.  The ones across his chest remained pretty bright but there's more variation on the back.  Up next I will probably try to wrap up some small details like the metal on the belts and then do the hands before I move on to the black for the horsehair crest and his boots.  I've still got a few bits to add like a plume for the helmet and his sword.  Once the crest is finished I'll add the plume.  As for the sword, I'll probably wait until after I finish his musket as it would make painting that a bit more difficult.

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