Monday, August 4, 2014

Jack - Part 1

Well, my next project will hopefully be coming with me to the Crystal Brush competition.  It's not until March... but the way I've been painting I better start early!  I'm planning to bring a couple historical figures, but those categories haven't been too tough the last couple years.  So I'd like to also enter some of the more competitive categories and see what happens.  For the large scale (54mm and up) I thought I'd paint Jack in the Plucker from Terrible Kids Stuff.  This figure is 75mm scale and based on the cover art for a illustrated novel by Brom.

It's a great kit, very close to the original art and it even comes with that creepy background.  I was lucky enough to get a copy (they only made about 150 and it sold out fast) and I've been really looking forward to painting it.

I'm really trying to follow the original art as closely as I can, from the colors to the lighting.  I even made a few minor changes to the kit, like adding the nails in the background, using a bit of wire to add the wisp of hair down his forehead and the thread on his right arm, and adding the ribbon to his baton (metal foil).  For now I'm leaving the arms separate.  The joints are well hidden and it's going to be a lot easier to paint the stripes without the left arm in the way and the hair without painting around the sword.  Below you can see them just held on with sticky tack.

My focus so far has been the face.  Below is my first pass using Chestnut Brown, Rosy Shadow, Tanned Highlight, and Linen White.
From there I went back in with a variety of GW glazes (red, blue, and purple).  I also carefully added some freckles to the nose and cheeks (a mix of Chestnut Brown and a little Rosy Shadow)

I'm having issues with the far side of the face.  As with the cover art, I'd like the light source to come from above and to his left (as opposed to just straight above the figure).  So the right side of his face will be mostly in shadow.  However there's also a bit of OSL with that purple glow coming from below and to his right.  I've painted and repainted the right side, but I'm still not satisfied.  Unfortunately if I do much more I'm going to overwork it.  So I think it's best to put it on hold for now and paint more of the figure.  Hopefully once I've got his hat and upper body finished I'll have a much better idea how to do the rest of the face.


  1. One of my favorite pieces in the last year or two. I saw an incredible rendition at MFCA. I think Fabrizzio Russo painted the studio copy, if I'm not mistaken. As much as I love this piece, I passed on purchasing it, just because it would consume so much display space!

    You're definitely right on target. Nice colors, blends, and details. The freckles are convincing. Have fun with it, and I look forward to seeing more stages. Hope I see you at Crystal Brush!

    1. Thanks, Mike, I was just looking through some MFCA photos to see if I could find it. Interesting take on the figure. Yeah, hope to see you at Crystal Brush too! Have they announced when registration will open up? Seems like you've got to be quick if you want to get in on any of those seminars.

  2. Hey Bailey! I just had a crazy thought... what if you used some of your new Scale75 metallics on Jack's face. I mean really just a tiny bit. On that highlight below the eye? Maybe just a tiny touch of golden sparkle? Sort of like in this article: but you know over skin tone... I assume you are going TMM for the rest of the mini but the concept art is NMM so i figured... Okay I am going to take my crazy hat off now.

    1. Hmmm...interesting idea. Not sure I want to experiment that much with this figure, but could be cool to try it out on another project.