Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Organizing a Paint-a-Long

So a friend recently asked if I had ever thought about organizing a paint-a-long.  It's a neat idea so I'm trying to see if I did one would enough people be interested.  The basic idea, as I understand it, is we all paint the same model or a similar model.  I'd be a pseudo-instructor and post a lot of step by step photos and details, but everyone shares their work and gives and receives feedback.  There are a lot of talented painters out there, so it'd be great if others are willing to go into more detail on their approach and post step by step photos as well.  If we can get a number of co-pseudo-instructors that would be awesome.

I was thinking about what sort of figure to pick.  While I like 54mm and larger figures, I think a lot of people would prefer 28mm.  Plus they're quicker to paint and cheaper to buy.  I also want to do a figure that focuses on something I feel reasonably competent painting... so I thought how about a project involving skin tones.  I haven't selected a specific figure yet, but I'd like to do one of the barbarians from Red Box Games.  They are 28mm, reasonably priced, and plenty of room to paint skin tones, maybe we'll even try out some freehand tattoos.  I personally like the RBG figures, I think they've got a lot of character and the proportions and anatomy seems to be a bit more realistic than other figures (though still stylized).  Plus it's always nice to support a small company.  While it'd be great if we all did the same figure, really any barbarian or gladiator style figure would work.  RBG has some Norse figures that would work too.  If there's enough interest I'd be willing to do both a male and female figure so people have even more options on what they choose to paint.

I'd most likely create a special thread for this over at Cool Mini and perhaps one at WAMP too.  I'm not sure when we'd do this, but if we can get it going soon then people would be able to submit their finished work into the RBG contest over at WAMP.  The deadline for that is August 24 or August 31 if you're a WAMP supporter.  

What do you all think?  Like the idea?  Interested in joining in or even being a co-instructor?  Let me know by leaving a comment here or over on my Cool Mini WIP thread.

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