Friday, July 11, 2014

Olfo Part 5 - Day for Night

I've continued to work on Olfo's back.  I redid most of what I had in the previous post.  Instead of the black-teal-skin mix I used only the Scale75 paints for the blue steel in their NMM set.  The effect I'm going for is similar to that day for night filming technique where they'd use a blue filter to simulate a nighttime scene.  The idea here is just use shades of blue (mostly dark) on the unlit section and then all the other colors where it's lit by the lamp.  In theory I can then still do a decent amount of highlighting in the dark areas so I get the needed contrast. I want it to look like he's in darkness and not like he's just walking through a dimly lit room while also carrying a lantern.

I'm pretty happy with the results, although I'm sure I will continue to tweak.  I can still see some blends that need work.  After the first pass it got a bit too bright so I used some dark glazes to knock the highlights back down (I did the same thing on the dark side of the dagger, it's much more subdued than in the previous post).  However there are a few highlights I think I'd like to restore.

This is pretty much how I envisioned the figure when I first began.  I'm taking him to the SCAHMS meeting tomorrow so I'll be curious to see what sort of reaction he gets there (and from the online community as well).  Once I put together the base and start to see how everything works together I might come back and make some changes.


  1. Thanks, Naiconn!

    Demi, unfortunately I had to skip the meeting. Something came up and my wife needed me. Oh well, I'll just have to rely on the online community for feedback on this one!