Thursday, July 3, 2014

Olfo Part 2

I've made some more progress with Olfo over the past few nights.  I started out with the cowl, like the face this was lit from below.  I used Reaper's Burgundy Wine for the shadows and then into their Violet Red and Pale Violet Red.  For both of the reds I mixed in a grey (a medium grey from Scale 75 for the Violet Red and Reaper's Misty Grey for the Pale Violet Red).  It turns these reds into the nice purple that you see on the figure.  From there I mixed in a little of the Polished Bone and Lemon Yellow that I've been using as a highlight.

I originally planned to do a dark brown for the pants, but on the box art they'd done a checkerboard pattern which I liked.  This was with the non-lamp version, for all of the OSL examples I've seen everyone has used just a single color, no pattern.  Combining the pattern with OSL was going to be a bit challenging but why not give it a try.  For the two colors I chose purple (matching the hood for some consistency) and green.  I began by sketching out the pattern using Burgundy Wine and Jungle Moss, a dark green.  No need to be super precise here, I'll have plenty of time to clean up the pattern as I do the highlighting and shading.  This is just to get the general placement of the patches in the pattern.  The vertical lines are pretty straightforward, just follow the bend of the leg.  For the horizontal ones I keep them level with the bottom of the pants on the lower part and perpendicular to the line of the leg on the upper part.  At the bend in the knee the patches get shorter near the back because of the folds.  Mostly you just want it to look right, so make adjustments as you see fit.

For a pattern like this you'll usually start with the lighter color first.  That's not really obvious here so I went with the purple.  The colors are the same as the hood and I let it get real bright, up to pure Polished Bone and Lemon Yellow, the closer I get to the lamp.  As I highlight I try to define the shapes of the patches and fix them up a bit.  Don't worry about getting into the green areas, that will be covered up.  Turning to the green I mixed the Jungle Moss with Pure Black to get some nice deep shadows.  I used this to clean up the green squares everywhere but the top of the left leg, there I just used Jungle Moss.  I approached the highlighting the same as with the purple, just being a bit more careful not to wander into the other color regions.  From Jungle Moss I worked up to Highland Moss, and then into the Polished Bone and Lemon Yellow highlight color.  After I was finished I went back and forth between my green mix and my purple mix fixing minor errors, sharpening up corners, whatever needed to be done.

The lamp is still a work in progress.  More of a sketch than anything else.  With all of the light coming from inside, the outside is basically in shadow.  However the edges near the openings will catch some of the light.  So that's basically what I've done, it just needs a lot of cleaning up.  Now that the legs are finished I can finally add the cloak and backpack.  I'll probably do that before taking care of the hands, lamp, and dagger.

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