Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Orc Brave Part 3

I've begun constructing the base.  Before I ever started this figure, I began brainstorming what sort of scene he'd be in.  He's got a somewhat different pose for an orc.  In his right had is an ax, but it's down to his side and relaxed, not ready to strike.  His left arm up with a finger outstretched.  Perhaps he's pointing at something or making a challenge.  I decided to go a different route and have him reaching out to gently touch something.  The kit came with a couple scenic accessories (though no true base).  One of those pieces was a small section of tree with a lizard on it.  So I decided to build up a larger tree and have the orc reaching out towards the lizard.  I've only just begun constructing the scene.  I began with some cork for the ground and then twisted together wires to form the body of the tree.  I then pulled them apart at the top for some branches and at the bottom for some roots.  I got it all into position and then glued on the part of the tree with the lizard.  Up next I will take some modeling putty and build the rest of the tree on top of the wire frame.  I'm not much of a sculptor, but hopefully that will be within my ability level!

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  1. I deeply love the blueish skintone, it gives orky miniatures a very different look and much personality!