Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Orc Brave Part 2

Well, to make up for the slow posts, here's a second update for the orc right on the heels of the first.

Last night I decided to work on the legs.  Here's a look at how they progressed.  I began with a normal base coat.  Then I sketched in the shadows.  And finally I smoothed those out and applied the highlights.  These three photographs where taken under the same lighting conditions, so by comparing the top and bottom image you can get a good sense of how much of the shadows/highlights are painted on and what just comes from the lighting conditions.

Here's a close up of his right leg.  Notice how the biggest range from shadow to highlight is used on the major shapes.  Then, a somewhat smaller contrast range is used to bring out the finer details.

I still want to do a bit more blending around the knee (fade the purple into the green more around the edges) and the toes and white parts of the legs are unfinished.  Once that is done I'm going to go back over the skin and adjust some of the lighting and color.  I want the highlights and shadows to match of the whole figure (some parts need a bit of tweaking).  I will also use some glazes to adjust some of the skin color so the different sections match (my mixes weren't exact).  

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