Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fallen Angel Part 3

I'm trying to wrap up some old projects, one of which is this angel figure from Milosh Miniatures.  My last post on this one was way back in June of last year, so it's been on hold for a while.  To refresh your memories, I decided to paint her up as a fallen angel with a more demonic color scheme (unnatural looking pale flesh, red eyes, and black hair and wings).  The reason I put this figure on hold was the wings.  They have the basic feather shapes, but not the fine details (the barbs).  I wanted to paint it so they appeared to be there, but wasn't quite sure how to pull it off.

I decided to take this on by first painting the basic highlighting/shading for the main feather shapes and then paint parallel black lines to give the impression of the fine details.  Worked well enough, but I've been going back over it all to adjust and try and improve the look.  So far I've done 3/4's the the wings and still need to finish the underside of the right wing.  But I plan to continue to tweak the rest of the wings as I go.

I actually think they look a bit better when viewed from the top.  From the side I feel they still need more work, so I'm doing my best to figure out how to fix that.

In addition to working on the wings, I've gone in with glazes to adjust the skin.  It's all pretty subtle, but from this close up of the face you can see some of the red/purple shades in the cheeks.  The glazes where applied other places too, this is just the easiest spot to show.

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