Monday, August 22, 2016

Redghar, Pirate Orc - Part 4

I've been using what little free time I've got to keep working on Redghar.  With the skin almost finished, I decided to base coat the rest of the figure.  I wanted to see how the various colors would look together.  I'm still trying to decide on a few spots, like the patch on his knee, but the rest I more or less know what I want to do.  The rest of him will be mostly brown, grey, and black.  The main exception will be the red cloth around his waist and some reds and yellows coming in as rust on the weathered anchor.  This will hopefully provide a nice contrast to the skin without over powering it or distracting from it.  For the pants, I decided to go with a stripe pattern.  Right now I've just roughed that in.  I'll clean it up when I start shading and highlighting there.

With that done, I went on to finish off the hands and paint the cloth wraps on his forearms.

As with the elbows, I switched the purple on the knuckles.  On human skin, I'd just add some red with glazes, but purple glazes over dark green would take ages (and kill the highlights on the knuckles).  So I just painted them on directly with opaque layers and then blended in the edges to the surrounding green.  I also did the palms in a different color (mix of khaki and purple).  Unfortunately, because of the way they're turned, it's not really something you can see in the photos.  Guess they'll just be for the people who look at this in person!

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