Monday, August 15, 2016

Redghar, Pirate Orc - Part 3

I'm continuing to make slow and steady progress on Redghar.  Since last time I've finished off the back and both of the arms.  I've still got to wrap up the hands, but then I'll be done with all the green.  Phew!  On the elbows I transitioned back to the Imperial Purple and Vampiric Shadow mix.  I also put a mix of Burgundy Wine and Terran Khaki on the undersides of the hands.  It's hard to see in any of the photos, but I wanted to add another color shift there.

I took a few pictures of the process as I worked on the right arm.  The initial photo, top left, shows just a rough base coat (primer still showing) and then the shadows blocked in.  To refresh your memory, the base coat is 2 parts Badger Minitaire's to 1 part Reaper's Burgundy Wine.  The shadows are created by adding more Burgundy Wine to the base.  The top right photo shows the shadows blended in to the base, the base with a more thorough coverage, and then just a bit of highlights added in.  Those highlights are a mix of 50/50 Reaper's Dark Elf Highlight and Vampiric Shadow.  I continued to add more and more of the highlight mix into the base, each time applying over a smaller and smaller area.  I go until I get to a light grey-green, but not all the way to pure Dark Elf/Vampiric Shadow.  The end stage for this part is shown on the bottom left.  At that point, I start adding just Vampiric Shadow to that mixture and really tighten up on the application area.  In a few select spots, I'll add a dot of pure Vampiric Shadow onto the figure.

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