Saturday, May 9, 2015


Thank you to everyone who posted comments and/or has joined my painting blog over the past year.  Your feedback has really helped inspire me to continue to share my work and thought process here.

Earlier today I assigned everyone who is a member or has commented on the contest post a number and then had a computer program randomly select two winners.  Congratulations to BloodFather and Derek M!  You are the first and second place winners!

BloodFather, I already have your contact info so I will be sending you an email shortly.  Derek M, please send me your email address either through the contact form at the right of this page or, if you're on CMON, you can send me a PM there.  Once BloodFather has made his selection, I will send you a list of prizes so you can pick which you would like.

Thank you again to everyone who left a comment or has recently started to follow this site.  I hope to post a lot more (hopefully helpful) content over the next year and maybe I'll organize other contest at some point.


  1. I have never won anything, so this is so cool! David has offered incredible selection of his minis, and while it was hard passing on the boy Arthur (I grew up loving the Knights of the Round, loved the Classic cartoon, and as an adult I have studied extensively the "real" King Arthur), I have a weakness for some of the KD range, so I had to ask for some of these. Really, really awesome of you DP! I love this blog and will continue to extol your many virtues!!!

  2. I got so excited then so sad when I saw the "M", haha. Congrats guys!