Monday, May 18, 2015

Hussar Bust Part 2

I spent some time this past week working on another painting project... but it's not far enough along to make it worth sharing.  So instead here's a brief update on the Hussar bust.  I've continued to make minor adjustments to the face.  I've also taken the first pass at his hair.  I really don't like painting hair.  It takes a while and is not that much fun.  It's getting there, though I want to go in and fix some of the blends.  After that I'll hit it with some glazes to tie it all together and reinforce some of the shadows.  Then back in to redo highlights as needed.

For the colors, I started out with some dark browns (Brown Liner, then Blackened Brown).  From there I went into more of a medium brown (Muddy Brown) and then used skin colors to highlight (Tanned Skin and Fair Skin).  I work up to roughly a 50/50 mix of Muddy Brown and Tanned Skin, then I start to add Fair Skin to that.  The skin tone colors are a nice highlight for browns.

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