Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gokan/Slaine WIP 1

I'm taking part in a paint along competition over at CMON.  We're all painting a 54mm figure from Olivier Bouchet called Gokan, the Guardian.  The paint along project will be going on for a while (we don't have a deadline yet) so there's still plenty of time to join in.  You can get the figure from Olivier's website: http://ob-sculptures.blogspot.se/2014/09/gokan-guardian.html .

The figure bears a striking similarity to the comic book character Slaine.  I wasn't familiar with the comic, but once someone pointed it out (and I looked up some pictures) I decided to paint the figure as Slaine.  As the CMON project is sort of a paint along I decided to put together a step by step tutorial as I work on the figure.  The beginning of the tutorial is already up on this blog.  As I continue to work on the figure I will keep adding to the tutorial until it covers the full figure.

After base coating the figure I got to work on the face and body.  In most of the images I've seen Slaine has red markings on his face, so I included those here.  I'd like to include some Celtic style tattoos as well, but I haven't decided on a design or figured out exactly how I plan to do it.  I haven't painted any tattoos yet, so it will be a new challenge.

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