Saturday, December 20, 2014

Completed Officer of the Guide

Well, I think the Officer of the Guide is pretty much finished at this point.  I tweaked the boots a bit and brought the highlight up even further.  Then did some shading on the sword hilt, his scarf, and the hat (all the other black sections).  For these I used Pure Black, Dusky Skin Shadow, Dusky Skin, and in a few places mixed in some Dusky Skin Highlight too.  These fit more into the brown-black spectrum whereas the boots are more of a neutral grey for highlighting.  I finished off the gold details on the hat and then attached those fiddly little spurs.  They're really tiny and there was not much to attach them to (no holes in the back of the boots or anything) thus they're very easy to knock off and lose.  So that's why I waited until the very end.  Even so I dropped on in the carpet while trying to attach them and was extremely lucky to be able to find it.  Phew!  After that I went in with some pigments (3 shades of yellow/sand) and did some minor weathering.  This guy is an officer so would probably keep pretty clean.  Just some dusting on the boots, knees, and a tiny bit here and there.  I want to print up a little plaque for this guy, but unless I see (or you all notice) something amiss I think this guy is all done.

I'm very tempted to take this guy along to Crystal Brush.  He'd fit into their large scale category and there's a good chance Pegaso will be sponsoring a special award so he'd be eligible for that too.  I've got a couple other 75mm scale figures on their way, so if I can finish either of them off in time (plus everything else I have planned) I'll have some options.  A friend told me to check out  It's mostly vehicle stuff, but for fun I tossed up a few figures into the main gallery.  Turns out they hold a monthly competition and they voted my figures/pictures Best in Show.  The award comes with a free kit.  I expected a tank or plane or something considering the main focus of the site, but the judges wanted to send a figure instead which I thought was really nice.  That figure, another Pegaso Napoleonic, might be a Crystal Brush option too.

And a couple close up detail shots

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  1. Fantastic work. Box art worthy.

    Maybe add some more pigments to the base? Looks a tad plain in comparison. Which is good, in that the attention is on the figure, but the base looks plain enough to look unfinished, compared to the figure.