Saturday, October 18, 2014

WIP Saxon Warrior Part 5

Well, I'm just about finished with the Saxon figure.  The base, well that still needs a lot of work.  But I think I've got the painting the on the figure all wrapped up.  I made a simple design for the shield, based on the wolves from the Sutton Hoo purse cover (an artifact found in an Anglo-Saxon burial site from the 600's).  After that was finished I gave the figure some weathering with washes and pigments.  More on that after the pictures...

This is my three step weathering process.  The first step involves some washes.  I used some Tamiya Clear Red to create a few blood stains on his axe, shield, and a bit on his hands and clothes.  I used a small frayed brush and dabbed it on.  I also took some green-brown washes and added a little discoloration here and there.  Hard to see, it's a subtle effect especially over darker colors.

For the second step I took some dry pigments and mixed them with Matte Medium to form a paste-like paint.  Again dabbing with a frayed brush I applied the mud to the feet, up the back of the legs, and then a little to the shield and bottom of his tunic.  I'm using four different shades of pigments (dark brown, medium brown, a yellow brown, and a red brown) and mixing them together in different ratios to create some variation in the mud.

For the third step I stuck with the pigments, but this time kept them dry.  Using a somewhat stiff brush I dabbed them onto the figure and then wiped them off.  This leaves some of the color behind and gives a dusty look.  This was done mostly on the lower part of the figure, although extra was applied to the elbows and shield.  The rest of the upper body did get some, but not too much.  After the pigments were applied I went back with the Tamiya clear red to bring out some of the blood stains on the shield which were toned down by the pigments.  Since the blood is new it should be on top of the dirt.

Here's the progression of the weathering using two different views

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  1. Really, nice. Way to push that weathering too. Scary stuff to do on a finished mini but that came out really well :)