Monday, October 13, 2014

WIP Saxon Part 4

With the putty on the back of the shield set I could work on the front.  I took some milliput and smeared it on the front nice and thin.  No need for complete coverage, just get it wet and smooth out the edges.  When it's painted you don't want to see lines where the putty starts and stops.  I then took a sharp tool and scratched in some tears and holes.  For the larger tears I took some extra putty and made the flaps where the covering it hanging down.  I added a few more small holes and a bit of texturing.  I plan on adding a design too, so no need to go overboard with the wear and tear.  I just wanted to add enough to make it fit with the rest of the scene.

After priming the shield I painted the back side.  I used the jewelers vise which normally holds the figures and inserted some of the pins so it could grip the shield.  The wood grain was painted using a lot of vertical strokes and with shadows on the top (concave shape).

With that done I attached it to the figure and started on the front.  The covering is a 4 to 1 mix of Weathered Stone and Olive Drab.  For the shadows I used a 4 to 1 mix of Brown Liner and Ritterlich Blue.  For the holes I did the same wood look as the back.  That gives me a good background to use when I paint in the design elements for the shield.  I've been looking at examples of Saxon art, Migration Period Art.  I found some nice representations of animals so I'm trying to adapt those into a design for the shield.  Right now I'm still working it out on paper.  Once I'm satisfied with what I've got then I'll transfer it to the shield.

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