Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Finished Dragoon

So the Dragoon is finally finished!  I kept the base/groundwork pretty simple because (a) I didn't think the figure needed much and (b) I didn't have any better ideas.  I gave the ground a brown base coat and then used pigment + matte medium to cover the ground.  Again, I worked with a couple different shades to break it up.  The grass is woodland scenics field grass plus some extra bits I picked up from a show.  To make it look a little less uniform in color I experimented a bit with some washes and later applied some dry pigments.  Now I just need to finish writing that pesky step by step article...

As for what's next... well, I've got the knight of the holy sepulchre on my painting table.  I'm still trying to add a pattern to his cape but haven't come up with anything I'm happy with yet.  I'm also tempted to try a different approach to the horse.  In addition I've got a 75mm gladiator from Alexandros that I just started to base coat.  No time to paint this weekend but hopefully next week I'll make enough progress on one of those figures to share some photos.


  1. Dude! Congratulations! You made Editor's Choice on Putty & Paint! Stellar. Looks like you need to start making plans for the World Expo 2017 - Chicago.

  2. Thanks! Only the 2nd time I've had a figure do that.

    I'd heard they had made a bid to have it in Chicago, I guess it's official now. I'm really excited they're doing it over here in the US. I definitely plan to be there!