Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to my new painting site!

For the last few years I've been active on a number of forums (cool mini, wamp, planetfigure) and, while I will continue to post there, I thought it would be nice to try something new.  My goal with this site is to create one location where people can easily find all of my stuff.  So whenever I put together a new tutorial, I'll also post a copy here.  I'll also continue to update the gallery with my finished work.  As for the blog itself, check in to see work-in-progress pictures of my latest projects, paint mixes, and whatever else I think might be useful to share.

I've picked a bit of an odd time to start this blog.  I'm about to change jobs and move across the country to LA.  So I expect my posts to be a bit sporadic for the next month or so.  But after that I hope to have more regular updates.  In the meantime I've got several figures in the works, so I'll start to catch this blog up on my various projects.  You can also check out the Gallery and Tutorials sections above, I've already finished updating them.

Okay, I can't have the first post on a painting blog be just text, so here are a few pictures of my latest finished project.  This is a historical figure from the Napoleonic era.  He's a Polish Lancer in campaign dress, which gave me the chance to paint a ton of equipment as he's pretty weighed down with all his gear.  The Napoleonic era figures have some really colorful uniforms, so they are a lot of fun to paint.  For some reason the Polish Lancer has been one of my favorites.  I found balancing the colors to be a bit tricky.  From the black and dark blue to a medium red to those bright white straps, all the highlights and shadows had to work together.  In the end the blue got a bit too bright, but I've got another Polish Lancer from Andrea so we'll see if I can get it right next time!

And here are some close ups of the rider and horse's head.  Lots of little details and pieces of gear to paint.  Having so many different overlapping pieces meant I had to paint this guy in sections, waiting to add new parts until I finished with the sections underneath.


  1. I look forward to following your blog, David. I'll miss seeing your fine work in person at the NCMSS club. Good luck in California!

    1. Thanks, Mike. I'm going to miss seeing your work and everyone else's as well at the NCMSS meetings. That club has been a great experience and really helped me push my painting. Hopefully I'll see you at Crystal Brush next year!