Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knight of the Holy Sepulchre part II

I've started to work on the white clothing for the knight.  I also finally primed the horse.
Here's a close up of the rider.  I finished smoothing out the white on his cape.  I'm working with a bunch of off whites here, Reaper's Bone Shadow, Weathered Stone, and Leather White.  I use pure white only as a top highlight and pretty sparingly.
The reaper color images above are a bit off.  The weathered stone looks darker than it really is and the bone shadow looks lighter.  If you look at the original post for this figure you can see the weathered stone on the close up images of his face.  Then I've got some shadows blocked in with the bone shadow, so you can see it's a bit darker.

I've also started to paint the banner.  Since I'm sticking with the historical theme I can't just do whatever I want with the banner.  It's supposed to be a red 5 cross pattern on a white background.  But I still wanted to make it interesting to look at.  So I decided to add a subtle background pattern.  I'd never tried this before and I had no idea how it would turn out.  Overall I've very pleased with the end results.  I got the white for the pattern to be just a bit lighter than the rest of the flag, so you can tell something is there but it's not too apparent.  The cross pattern needs some work but I can fix that later.  Since this all was an experiment I only painted the one side of the banner.  When I get around to doing the other side I plan to take a number of in progress pictures and write up a little step by step on how I did the whole thing.
By the way, I just slid the pole for the banner into a pin vise.  Worked great for painting the banner.

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  1. Lovely. You truly are the master of painting white. Looking forward to the freehand SBS :)