Monday, March 13, 2017

Empress' Dragoons Officer Part 5

I finally had the time to sit back down and finish off the Dragoon's left boot.  Here's a quick close up of the finished boots next to the sketched in ones.  In case you missed my last post, the tutorial on how I did them has been posted here.

That means the figure is essentially finished.  The only thing to add to him is the sword (which he'll be holding in his left had).  The bottom of the scabbard will be resting on the ground while the handle will be in his hand, so I wanted to wait until he was ready to go on the base before I permanently attached it.  That will actually be a bit tricky.  I've got to get the attachment right at both ends.  Then there are the straps which will go around his leg and attach where they disappear beneath his coat.  I'll have to bend and adjust these so they look right.  If I'm not careful, it'll be easy to scratch up the existing paint job on the figure.  It's all stuff I should be able to handle, but it will need to be done with some care.

In the meantime, I need to paint that base.  I started on that the other day.  I gave the gate a dark base coat (it will be wrought iron) and then applied several different shades of grey as base coats for the stones in the column.  I plan to make this using light grey/white stones, but I want to have some variation in there.  Right now it's a bit extreme, but as I continue to paint and highlight each one, I think the end result will look subtler.  So far I've just painted a few, but I need to keep moving along if I want to get this done in time for the SCAHMS show!


  1. Many thanks for putting in so much effort into this tutorial I have learnt a lot from them now to put them into practice.
    Regards Gav .

  2. Hi, is the base (gate and stone column) self made or a commercial kit? In the latter case, can you tell where you bought it?

    1. Hey, Luciano. The gate (minus the stone column) came from ScaleLink. Here is a link to where you can find it on their site:

      This gate is their 'Chateau Gates', but they have some other neat stuff too so it's worth browsing the rest of the site. I'm not aware of anyone who carries there stuff locally, so I had to order direct from their site.

      The stone column was made out of Juweela bricks. I believe I used their 1:32 scale bricks.